Thursday, February 21, 2008

Wonderful White Tea Surprise

I found myself stuck between the proverbial rock and a hard place. I could go to one of the local diners, which almost certainly would have only a bland orange pekoe in a bag and perhaps one or two herbal selections that had sat on the shelf for the past six months. Or, I could patronize that behemoth coffee company in the hope of a tea bag with at least something a little better in it. To paraphrase the American poet laureate, I chose the latter and it made all the difference.

The Tazo Teas stocked by Starbucks are usually passable without being memorable. Green Tea is not one of my favorite varietals to begin with, notwithstanding the health benefits it brings to the cup, but the Tazo Green Tea does not stand out as either superior or less than the others. So it was with some ease that I selected a Tea other than the green or an herbal infusion of questionable pedigree.

The moment I opened the envelope containing the bag of Berryblossom White the aroma drew me in. I couldn't wait to taste the Tea it would produce and continually nosed the cup as it steeped in the not quite hot enough water. Tazo has brought together a unique blend of White Tea and blueberry and white cranberry flavors. The blueberry takes the forefront and frankly made it difficult for me to make out the cranberry, but that was fine with me. I cannot imagine that a cranberry flavor competing with the blueberry would be an improvement on this cup.

White Tea is always a treat. The carefully selected young leaves and berries are delicately processed and produce a delicately flavored brew. Unfortunately many of the nuances of the White are not present or are overshadowed in the Berryblossom White. Contrastly, I would readily admit that it would not be as good of a drink if made with Black or, worse yet, Green Tea.

Drinking the Tazo Berryblossom is like enjoying a fine tea with a slender slice of Mum's blueberry pie. The nose boasts pleasant blueberry which swirls together with the blended taste of the Tea and blueberry flavor. I most enjoy the aroma and taste of the Tea itself, without interference from flavorings, herbs and other infusions. But the Tazo Berryblossom provides the perfect excuse for granting an exception to that rule in order to enjoy a unique flavored Tea experience.


Zarah said...

I love this tea! It makes a lovely, delicate iced tea as well.

goooooood girl said...

Good good good......

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